Current Projects

Royal Lymington Yacht Club

July 2018

The Royal Lymington Yacht Club (RLymYC) starting platform is located near to the entrance of the Lymington River estuary. It is of greenheart timber construction, comprising vertical piles, crosshead beams and bracing and supports a small starting hut and race control masts.

Royal Lymington Yacht Club Starting Platform

The existing greenheart piles and bracing have suffered from considerable degradation as the result of attack by the marine crustacean Limnoria (the gribble) and if the starting platform is to continue to be used safely in the future it now needs to be repaired. These repair works are intended to comprise removing the affected bracing members followed by bolting new timber and steel elements to the existing piles to add strength and stiffness.

A Contractor is expected to be appointed shortly with a view to carrying out the work between the end of the 2018 sailing season and the commencement of the 2019 season.